Posted March 09, 2020

We have now completed 2 of our 4 Lecture Exams - there is always room for improvement. It is important that you grasp the concepts presented in that exam. I do believe that many of you have an understanding of the general concepts that you were tested on, but for a variety of reasons - that understanding sometimes is not represented well enough by your responses.

This assignment is designed to have you gain a better understanding of the material presented on Lecture Exam #2, and to help identify how you might better ways to share your efforts and understanding for the next exam.


Using the Lecture Exam #2 Response Form in the back of your lab manual, write out each question that you missed on the exam - AND the answer for each of those questions. Do not give the "letter" answers - write out the answer for each question missed. Additionally, for each question you address on the form, indicate if that question (or a closely related question) was also included as a question for a Lecture Quiz.  Just record the quiz number in the box provided.This assignment may only be submitted on the form provided at the end of your lab manual.

There will be no partial credit.
You will get either 20 points, or you get nothing. To earn 20 points, communicate in complete sentences(where possible) and be sure that your responses are clear, accurate and easy to understand.

This assignment is due on your lab meeting for Mon, March 23, 2020. 


Lecture Exam #2

(White Exam)

(Purple Exam)



Note: Responses must be hand written, using the forms from your lab manual