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McMush - Biological Molecules:

: Observe the images for some of our outcomes on the right.

The series of pictures on the right were taken during recent lab sessions. These are the assays we completed in lab.



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 Simple Carbohydrate Test

Figure 1: Simple carbohydrate test. From left to right; 3mls McMush; 3mls water; 3mls 15% glucose


 Complex Carbohydrate Test

Figure 2: This is a result from the complex carbohydrate test. Left to right; 3mls McMush; 3mls water; 3mls starch solution


 Protein Assay

Figure 3: This is the test we did for protein. For this test we added 3x water to try to get away from the 'mush' at the bottom of the tube. Also, we did not mix the tubes after adding the reagents. Left to right. 3mls McMush; 3mls McSludge; 3mls water; 3mls albumin

 Protein Test 2

Figure 4: For these samples we isolated just the hamburger patty and suspended it in 200mls of water.  Then we blended it and scraped all the floating lipids off the surface before testing.  We also increased the volume of test solutions from 3mls to 6mls.

 Protein Test 3

Figure 5: Success! By Thursday we had finally perfected the assay. Left to Right; 3mls Albumin; 3mls McMush*; 3mls H2O. * The McMush sample was done with an isolated patty blended in 200mls water. Floating lipids were removed by placing in a Zip-Lock bag and making a small puncture in the bag to drain all but the lipid.