Answers to Questions:

Sometimes I don't have enough time in lecture to respond to deeper questions that aren't part of the lecture content or might be a bit out of sequence. Here are some links to address some of those questions.

Is there mercury in modern vaccines?

Understanding Thimerosal, Mercury, and Vaccine Safety - CDC

Is Skin Waterproof?

How and Why is Skin Waterproof

Why is our skin waterproof?

Why doesn't a mother's immune system usually attack a developing fetus?

Placenta fools body's defenses

Maternal Acceptance of the Fetus: True Human Tolerance


Are protists single cells?

Examples of Single Celled Protozoans


How do blood types work?

How do blood types work?



How many calories are in a Big Mac?

MacDonald's Caloric Information (for the Brave)


Where can I find out more about evolution?

UC Berkeley: About Evolution

Do some drugs damage chromosomes?

Chromosomal Damage from LSD

News Articles and Science:

Please note that these are articles about science, and may in fact, not be scientific in nature or may contain inaccuracies. Never the less - This is NEWS!

Antibiotic Resistance


Our Growing Resistance to Antibiotics

Georgetown University, Oct. 24, 2018


Dreaded Superbug Found for First Time in US

CNN May 27, 2016


Researchers Turn to NGS to Understand Growing Threat of Antibiotic Resistance in Pathogens

Genomeweb - July 29, 2015



New Drug Beats Antibiotic Resistant Bugs:

CBS News - January 7, 2015

Antibiotics Revolution? iChip Promises Resistance Free Antibiotics

July 23, 2015

iChip: The Future of Antibiotic Discovery

Popular Science - January 20, 2015

Antibiotic / Antimicrobial Resistance

Centers for Disease Control

Starfish Wasting Disease

Keystone species


Scientists Discover 113-million Year Old Snake Fossil With 4-legs: (June 2015)


Avian Flu Adapts to Human Hosts:  

(May 2015)


Immune System

Skin Microbes Trigger Specific Immune Responses (January 2015)

Brain Eating Parasite

Boy, 12, dies from brain-eating parasite

(August,  2013)


Girl battling brain-eating amoeba continues to fight

Vaccines - Good or Bad?

Measles Outbreak: How bad is it?

2015/2/2 CNN:


5 Myths Surrounding Vaccines:

2015/2/5 CNN: Dr. Sanjay Gupta


Measles Outbreak - Callifornia, December 2014 - February 2015


U.S. reports malaria vaccine breakthrough




Genes and Genetic Information

DNA storage: The code that could save civilization

23andMe Spit-Kits May soon Hit Shelves in Walgreen's

Police Request DNA Data from Ancestry and 23andMe Databases 

Maryland House Legislators Introduce Bill on DTC Genetic Testing


Invisible enemy killing dolphins

Scientists believe a virus is killing hundreds of bottlenose dolphins along the East Coast. Susan Candiotti reports.

McDonald's Use Of Ammonium Hydroxide To 'Wash' Meat?

McDonald's Use Of Ammonium Hydroxide To 'Wash' Meat Angers Chef Jamie Oliver, But They're Not The Only Culprit




Charles Darwin